Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting ready

 Wow! I'm blogging! Very exciting.  I thought it would be fun to give everyone an idea of where I'm going.  The name of the house is La Fattoria Dalia and the closest town Amandola is 20 minutes away. Some pictures below.  Another good reason for a car is that the only place that has WiFi is a bar in town.


We are an English couple living and working on our farm of about 6 hectares in our small rural community in the Montefortino area, right on the edge of the Monti Sibillini National Park. We made the move here from England almost three years ago in search of a more satisfying and peaceful way of life and we have certainly found it! Situated in a beautiful location, we have stunning views of both the Monti Sibillini and wonderful rolling hillsides. Close to many walking and hiking tracks, woodland and river walks, but also only 3 km to local shops, we really couldn't have a better spot.

On the farm we keep a family of goats, geese, ducks and chickens and live a very self sufficient life here, nothing goes to waste! We work our land with numerous vegetable plots, growing everything from potatoes to peas, being as organic as possible. We have a passion for food and cooking, and love to experiment with the various crops we produce. We also have several fruit and nut trees and when the fruit is ripe every morsel is used in jams, jellies, pickles and pies. We also forage for wild produce, combining our love of food with our love of the outdoors, making delicious delights with what we find. In addition, we grow a wide selection of herbs and what we don't use fresh, we dry or freeze for later use, which comes in very handy in the winter time. We always cook 'home-made', from breads and pastries to sauces and stews and buy as little processed food as possible.

We have many ongoing projects
including; fencing, laying water pipes and building animal houses, along with the day-to-day farming life to which we have become accustomed, such as feeding the animals, collecting the eggs, picking the fruit and vegetables as required and tending to the gardens.
We have two dogs and three cats who all do their fair share on the farm too. Our dogs help deter predators such as foxes and eagles, whilst the cats keep the mice at bay! Everyone has their part to play here and we hope that you too may enjoy a stay here and help us with our farming adventures!

We are very hard-working yet fun-loving people and enjoy the simple things in life. We find this way of life very rewarding and hope to find like-minded people to help us with our farm work and odd-
You will be staying in one of the spare rooms in our farmhouse sharing our bathroom and kitchen, the house has a very spacious veranda overlooking our land and the neighbouring hillside, which is best enjoyed after a hard days work on the farm with a nice glass of wine!

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