Friday, April 26, 2013


 One week left!!!!  I have a million things to do but I've been procrastinating!!! The weather has been so beautiful that all I've been doing is lounging around in various parks with my dog, hanging out at Atwater market , huffing and puffing up the mountain in a crazy attempt to lose weight and a recently acquired addiction to Dr. Phil and Instagram.  Meanwhile I've been having vivid dreams every night about Italy, it's been so long and I really miss being there. The excitement is building up and I really can't wait. Had dinner with a friend on Monday who will be in Amalfi and Tuscany while I'm in Italy. This is dangerous as I have my own car the whole time I'm there!!!!

 Here are more pics from my last trip.

The owners of Casale farmhouse

My bedroom

What a view from the pool!!!
Recognize this from"Letters to Juliette"?


A typical town during siesta

Completely deserted except for a barking dog

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