Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I know this is crazy but a few hotels in Sicily have accepted my offer of staying at their hotel while I blog about them. I didn't think it would actually work and even though I did get a few rude replies, I was surprised by how many people were open to the idea. Actually they're not hotels but agriturismi like where I stayed in Le Marche.

I've been gazing at the pictures of one of them and it's amazing! 1200 years old kind of amazing! So here's a list of the pros and cons:

  • I would be back in Italy
  • I've never been to Sicily and I'm dying to go
  • I just need to pay for my flight and any other personal expenses while I'm there
  • Maybe this whole thing is leading me down a path that I need to follow (I'm a strong believer in destiny and that all things happen for a reason).
  • It will give me something exciting to write about as I'm obviously not ready to give up on my cute little blog
  • Financially a crazy thing for me to do but when will I get this opportunity again.
  • Oh and let's not forget, I would be back in Italy.....

  • I would have to rent a car as I would be in remote areas of Sicily and having the freedom of a car would be essential.
  • The loooonnnnng flight! again!
  • No WiFI at most of these hotels so I would be hunting down WiFi bars and cafes on a daily basis
  • Having to put Toby in boarding again!
Okay, it's always a good sign when there are more pros than cons. Since the best time for me to go would be toward the end of the summer, I have time to ponder this. Until then............


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