Friday, June 7, 2013

The thrill of a lifetime

I can't believe it! Last week I wrote a comment on Frances Maye's blog (the author of Under the Tuscan sun) never thinking in a million years she would even read the comment let alone answer!!! I'm absolutely thrilled.....

Lynn Bertin says:
Dear Frances,
If you would like to have a little chuckle please read my posting about Bramasole in my blog
This was my 4th time in Cortona and I only got the nerve to take the trek to your house on this trip. I have to be honest in saying that I felt a little like a stalker and relieved to know that you weren’t there:)I’ve never stood at someone’s gate before to take pictures of their house. Lovely by the way and I love reading your beautiful blog!
  • Frances Mayes says:
    Lynn- What a grand group of photos on your blog. Great trip I can tell. Next time, take Toby! Thanks–Frances