Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Suffering major withdrawal

This is embarassing! I've been back for well over a week and I'm still suffering. I'm still checking the weather everyday in Italy (I'm secretly thrilled that it's still raining in Cortona). It seems that I don't want anyone else having fun if I'm not there and I've been re-watching all of my favorite italian DVD's:
  1. Shadows in the sun (getting giddy over the fact I sat where Harvey Keitel's naked bum sat). Puzzling over the fact that the piazza in the movie looks so big when in reality it's quite small.
  2. Under the Tuscan sun. A true classic! When I saw this movie at the theatre for the first time, my friend and I were lost in a fantasy world for 2 hours and we literally sat there staring at the credits when the movie was over, we knew that the minute our butts left those seats the magic would be over. That's when I knew that there was more to this world that I wanted to see. When I went to Tuscany for the first time, I was travelling around Italy by myself and decided to end my trip by staying in Cortona for 3 days. It was a thrill (between you and me, I'm a little embarassed to actually admit that), going to all the places that they filmed the movie and realizing that Cortona is so much more beautiful than in the movie.
  3. Stealing beauty. This is the one movie that in my opinion truly encompasses the real vibe and feeling of being in Italy. Whether it's a night scene where you can hear the ciccadas in the background or seeing her drive her bike along a gravel road-it all brings back memories and gives you a true feeling of actually being there.
  4. Love is all you need. Like a loser I couldn't wait to see this movie with my friend this week. It's an adorable dutch movie filmed on the Amalfi coast with Pierce Brosnan. I neglected to tell her that there were a few subtitles involved (there was some moaning and groaning when she found out) but we both truly enjoyed this cute little movie. Definitely a keeper when it comes out on DVD.
  5. The talented Mr. Ripley. Total eye candy (actually a very smart, interesting movie) but who really cares when all you can do is salivate over the beautiful scenery and imagine yourself living on a small Italian island as a local.
Now I just have to figure out how to get back to Italy. Where would I go?  Back to Tuscany? Maybe try stalking Colin Firth in Citta Delle Pieve where he has a home. Discover Sicily as I've never been, or go to an island like Ischia or Procida and be a bum for a few weeks? Would I actually have the guts to bring Toby with me? Would I ever come back?

Until then I lose myself in my pictures..................

chickens in Ravello

Le Terrazze in Positano

Okay, so I couldn't stop staring at the bouncer at the club in Positano and snapped a shot when he wasn't looking...............

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