Monday, May 13, 2013

A new day

Last night I drank 2/3 of a bottle of wine while crying about the dog, today is a new day hangover and all. I love where I'm staying and can't believe it's only 40 euros per night. I have a big beautiful bed and haven't slept this well since leaving Montreal and I'm dying to try out my shower (with hot water!!!!!!)

So back to yesterday! I left Maiori at about 9 and took the highway from Salerno, but couldn't resist stopping along the way to snap more pictures. Is it even possible to take a bad picture in Amalfi?

I took the SS650 straight across Italy and couldn't believe what I was seeing all around me as I was driving. Beautiful green hills with medieval towns everywhere up in the mountains . I needed to investigate at least one of them. Unfortunately though in all the excitement I can't remember the name of the town.

So you get off the autostrada and slowly make your way up the winding road, up and up and up... And then you arrive in a small sleepy town, you have no idea where to stick the car so you do the obvious and just keep driving until before you know it you're squeezing through an impossibly narrow alley while finally stopping on the other side of a ridiculously steep hill. This is when you yank up the handbrake, shut off the car and catch your breath all the while wondering how the hell you'll ever get out of there. All I really wanted was an espresso and a bathroom and instead I find myself sitting in my car sweating at the thought of turning the car around. So you suck it up, hold on to the handbrake for dear life and burn rubber (while some Italian kid is watching you through a window laughing)...

From there I drove up the autostrada along the Adriatic... So more pictures from the amalfi coast and this beautiful place I'm in now.  

One more thing before I go. The girls found the perfect place to stay in Maiori called Palazzo CoCo for only 70 euros/night. The guy that owns it "Antonio" was a sweetheart and served us the best cappuccinos every morning. The reason I loved the hotel so much is because you're up in the hill living with the locals. It felt a little bit like being in Santorini as you had to climb stairs and walk through alley ways to get to your room. Very charming ..

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