Friday, May 17, 2013


Here's what happened today..... Nothing..... I drove to Ancona despite the scary clouds (do they have tornados in Italy?).  Anyhow, made it to Ancona but there was torrential downpour so I drove around in circles not really knowing what to do, then decided to get the heck out of there when I saw lightning .

Of course on the way back I just had to see a scared dog on the side of the  highway. Why does this keep happening? I didn't react quickly enough to pull over so I got off, turned around and came back but unfortunately couldn't remember where I saw the dog. I'm seriously trying to figure out how I can get to Cortona by avoiding highways. I swear to god the next injured or scared dog I see is coming home to Montreal with me.

With that said, I was slightly down when I got back to the house so I slapped on my running shoes and went for a long hike. Since I didn't have lunch I stopped off at the local grocery store and bought some cheese and salami.

Note to god: no more injured dogs please!!!!!