Thursday, May 16, 2013

End of day routine

For those of you wondering what I do after being on one of my escapades, I come back to the room, play some jazz and have a glass of wine. Then I open up my trusty old map and try to figure out where I will go the next day. I only have 2 more days in Le Marche so I don't want to miss anything.

Tomorrow I'll go to Ancona as it's a major port city and I'm an idiot if I don't go, and Friday Abruzzo which is right next door and I've always wanted to visit. 

A good friend asked me tonight if I'm lonely since I left my friends in Positano. The honest answer is no! Through all of my past experiences, travelling alone is the only thing that works for me. In Amalfi I had nervous passengers screeching over a few close calls but the trick to Italian driving is to suck it up and just go. To be honest, other than the strange farm experience and the awful dog on the highway incident, I'm having the time of my life. 3 weeks may have been stretching it a little but I really needed this little solo adventure. Tonight I opened my windows as I do every night, drank my wine while Ella Fitzgerald was playing in the background, and watched the sun set feeling desperately happy. 

I'm so incredibly lucky and I plan to live every moment to the fullest!



  1. from your descriptive the entire experience sounds like a true Julia moment!Enjoy