Sunday, May 19, 2013

On the road again

Beautiful drive to Cortona, drove around lago Trasimeno to get here and conveniently forgot how scary it is to get up these crazy hills.  Had some pretty interesting one way conversations with the GPS that went a little something like this:

What! What do you mean re-routing!
Why do you want me to turn into someone's driveway?
Didn't I just drive through this town?
You idiot if I turn right  I'll go off the cliff!
Oh buzz off!!!!!!!

I seriously considered throwing that thing out the window several times... Interesting note for future reference, the GPS freezes when you're up in the mountains so you find yourself going around and around and around in the roundabout waiting for the god damn thing to tell you where to go ...

Nonetheless I'm here. Very cute hotel with a slightly different view but right around the corner from all the action.

What about the goat? I almost ran that crazy goat over every day on the little road that took me to the house. Every time I would go for a walk he mysteriously disappeared. Luckily he was sitting in the middle of the road so I finally got my shot.

Off to see if I can find Frances Mayes house (and oh visit some museums).....

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