Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Almost there!!!!!

2 days left and counting.... I've begun plotting my route from Rome (I know that there is such a thing as this little gadget called GPS which tells you where to go but I'm a little old fashioned). To be honest I found this map from my last trip while I was cleaning out some old boxes and acted as if I had won the lottery when I found it.

So let's recap:
  1. Call Rogers to buy a plan so that I don't come home to a ridiculous bill - Check.
  2. Hair appointment (color, trim etc...) - Check.
  3. Toby groomed so that he doesn't look like a sheep in a month from now - Check.
  4. manicure and pedicure appointment(which should be essential for farmwork)- Check
  5. new suitcase as my old one has been in storage and has weird grime all over it-Check
  6. Small shopping expedition - Check
  7. Copies of keys for Annie's daughter - Check
  8. Major house cleaning so houseguest won't see dust bunnies floating out of strange places-Check.
  9. Sitting out side in this glorious weather so that my legs look white and not blue-Check.
That should pretty much cover it for now......................

Did I reallly buy the same book twice?????


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