Saturday, May 11, 2013

Costiera amalfitana

The 2 most beautiful words in the Italian language. Left this morning at 6:30 and arrived at 12:30. It took a little long as I got a wee bit lost a few times and after realizing that I'm on the autostrada and at  some point I will have to pay a toll without actually having any money, thus stopping at every service station on the way waving my hands at poor Italian gas attendants if they have a bancomat machine. (Which of course they don't)..

Lesson learned; always have cash on you at all times just in case they don't accept credit cards....

On top of everything I was doing 120 km/hour and people were flying past me at 160. (The speed limit is 90)....

Oh but what a thrill. Washing up poop from the cow barn floor was worth it after all.  You follow the signs for Salerno. About 30kms before the exit you can see  Naples nestled below Vesuvio. You gradually notice palm trees and then you see it. The brown sign "costiera amalfitana" and your heart skips a beat because you never thought you would be back here. Then the chaos begins and before you know it you're stuck in a traffic jam and practicing "holding your breath and the handbrake for fear of going backwards".

I'm actually quite proud of the fact that i drive this road like a local... I want this day to last forever:)


  1. I can't believe YOU ARE DRIVING THE AMALFI COAST! You are my idol! ( scooter may have been the way to go! )

  2. No way, it's a thrill of a lifetime. If you ever need a driver let me know......