Saturday, May 4, 2013


Not too sure if I spelled that right! D-day has arrived. All the planning, research, anxiety and excitement has come to this. I was at a friends house yesterday for a barbecue and she was asking me a million questions.... What will you be doing exactly? How many hours a day are you obligated to be "working"? How old are the couple? Will you have the weekends off? How far is the beach? What's their address and phone number so we can call the police if you disappear?

The answer is I have no idea (the beach is 45 minutes away)....

I'll figure it all out when I get there. I have a feeling that Jodie and Kevin will be lovely, the fresh country air will do me a world of good (along with a bit of eau de manure), and I suspect that there will be some amazing cooking going on in that kitchen that I will gladly partake in..

The only icky thing to do is to bring Mr. T to possum place but of course I'll take him to see his girlfriend first (a very hot black lab named Jesse)......

So that's if folks. See you on the other side of the pond:)

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