Friday, May 24, 2013

Val d'orcia

Okay, next time I need to stay in this part of Tuscany. I had been here before but always just driving through- never really taking the time to really discover different towns. I've taken way too many pictures today but I want to remember everything. When I'm feeling blue and need my "Italy fix" I'll at least have my pictures to admire. So here I sit in a beautiful little courtyard in San Quirico D'orcia- what a lovely little place.

This morning some interesting moments! Since I left really early this morning it was pouring buckets the whole way here. They were forecasting rain in the morning so I wasn't too worried, when I arrived at Bagni di Vignoni, I basically sat in my car waiting for the rain to stop (and I desperately needed to pee) so that empty Pringles can was looking pretty good. Not to worry, the rain stopped and the beautiful sun finally came out (and I made it to a bathroom)!

Bagni di Vignoli is basically an ancient roman thermal spring, this beautiful little town is built around it. If you really want to see a cute movie that was filmed here it's called "shadows in the sun". Not a very well known movie with Joshua Jackson and Harvey Keitel.  If you ever see the DVD just buy it for the eye candy alone.  Anyway I sat on the same rock that Harvey Keitel sat on in the movie (his naked butt I might add). Not that I'm really into Harvey Keitel!

Anyway, this afternoon just planning on getting lost....

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