Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Clouds over Cortona

This morning I jumped out of bed, opened my shutters and guess what I saw! Glorious blue sky! I haven't seen blue sky in a while and quite frankly I think it's bringing me down a bit (judging from yesterday's posting)! So I jumped out of bed, slapped on my good old running shoes, had a good breakfast and headed up the hill for my morning hike. That's when I realized why it was so sunny. The cloud was actually below Cortona.

So I huffed and puffed my way up to the top, took a million pictures which will bore everyone to death and sat in Piazza della Republica and just people watched. I decided to give the car a break this morning (partly because I have amazing parking that will disappear once I move the car).

So here I sit in beautiful Teatro Signorelli waiting for lunch, feeling quite relaxed and content with absolutely no idea what I'll be doing this afternoon!!!

La dolce vita.....

Update: there were 3 people waiting for a table so I invited them to come join me. They were hysterical and I ended up spending the whole afternoon laughing and talking with them. They're from Montana and leaving tomorrow but I've been entertaining them with stories about  the farm, my driving adventures etc...

What a wonderful afternoon, sitting in teatro Signorelli, drinking wine and laughing with new friends....


  1. loving all your stories of Italy Lynn. I check your blog almost everyday and get to see lovely Italy through your eyes. Thanks for sharing with us... Joyce

  2. Thank you joycie! Let me know if you get the video I sent! Good luck with your marathon and see you Sunday