Thursday, May 23, 2013

The bidet

I know it seems silly to devote a blog entry on the thing next to the toilet in the bathroom but I'm kind of obligated to. I'm finding myself more and more curious about it. 

Why is it so essential in every bathroom?  How come we Canadians don't all have one in our bathrooms? Why do all Italians feel the need to have a separate "seating area" to wash themselves? Isn't that what toilet paper is for?

My curiosity peaked when I was in a public bathroom and there was a small shower head next to the toilet.  There's only one thing left to do- try it....

So I did just that! Basically all it is is a bum bath. I'm still really confused about the need for this contraption in every bathroom. If you're taking daily showers what's the purpose?
I guess some things are meant to be left a mystery...


  1. I would guess that the answer is that in some parts of the world a daily shower is not "de rigeur" .

  2. Capito! Love it! Maia is correct...... Remember shortage of hot water?