Monday, May 6, 2013

The farm

Okay I'm going to write this as quickly as possible as this is the only computer in the house and I feel guilty hogging it.  First of all the flight over was great since my flight was at 10PM and I slept through the whole thing (we were squished like sardines).  One thing to remember for the future is that I will study my new suitcase so that I actually recognize the thing go by me 3 times before it finally clicked 'there goes my suitcase'.......

I can't even begin to explain the drive over.  A little confusing getting out of Rome since there is no Autostrada that brings you straight here but more like a series of smaller winding roads. Needless to say I was in heaven on the drive over here.  This is what was going through my head the whole way here: I'm in Italy, I'm in Italy, I'm in Italy, I'm in Italy, I'm in Italy, I'm in Italy, Holy crap look at that castle, I'm in Italy........

This country is so beautiful. I absolutely needed GPS to get here, I tried to be macho about it and pulled out my trusty map but this place is too remote.

Jodie and Kevin are very sweet and funny.  They've welcomed me into their home with open arms. Following are some small house rules:

  • Shake your pillows and blankets before hopping into bed!! Leave it to your imagination!!
  • Be careful of various snakes and creepy crawlies when you're out walking, especially fleas (I haven't quite figured that one out yet).
  • Always close your bedroom door as Meow Meow, Stripes, Walter or Holly will sneak into your room and they're not allowed.
  • Check your boots before you put them on (scorpions).
  • Worst of all there are grasshoppers everywhere!  It's a long story but I was traumatized when I was a child by grasshoppers and you really don't want to see a crazy woman running around through the country side screaming at the top of her lungs.....
So on the menu today.  Painting the upstairs bedroom (I''m not joking when I say that most of the paint ended up on my face as I was painting the ceiling), unfortunately there is no proof of this as I wouldn't allow anyone to take my picture, I looked ridiculous.  Going out for a drive into town where I made my first purchase (picture below). And walking through the country side with the dogs... Not too shabby!!!

The view from the front window

the view of the monte sibillini mountains from the back of the house
Rodney the rooster

My first purchase in town, a beautiful salami


The chickens coming out for breakfast

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