Thursday, May 2, 2013


You may be noticing the obvious! What are those orange things? Are they gloves?  As a matter of fact they are, let me explain....  I'm a city girl, always have been, and I have absolutely no idea what to pack. There's the obvious of course: tons of  t-shirts, hoodies for chilly nights, rubber boots as I'm expecting alot of mud, 4 books to fight off any boredom that may occur, every pair of lulu lemon pants I own, running shoes and of course.......... rubber gloves......

I'm aware that this may seem a little "Dexter" of me. After all what will my hosts think if these happen to fall out of my luggage or they spot them in my room?  Can you imagine the expressions on their faces? Not only are they bright neon orange but they're industrial strength to top it all off. These poor unsuspecting people will be lying in bed at night waiting to see if I'll actually attempt to chop them to bits in the middle of the night. I suspect that they'll begin rethinking this whole"hosting foreigners in our home" thing.

I actually think they'll come in handy for all sorts of things. Cleaning out animal stalls, painting or restoring an old wall, building a fence, picking fruits, assorted gardening duties, chasing and grabbing chickens, milking goats etc........

All kidding aside, as crazy as this little adventure of mine sounds I know I will love every minute. I can visualize future funny stories told by me to friends over a few bottles of wine.....  Rubber gloves and all !

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