Monday, May 20, 2013

Trattoria Dardano

Just came back from dinner and quite honestly a little tipsy. The reason for this is that it's quite customary for Paolo (the owner) to offer you their special digestif after you've downed a bottle of wine(or 1/2 litre in my case), only that it's quite potent. I somehow managed to wobble myself home through the piazza and down the steep hill to my hotel.

Trattoria Dardano is quite famous in Cortona. The family has their own farm in Tuscany and everything they serve comes from the farm (wild boar, rabbit, lamb etc...). There are pictures on the wall of Paolo with Robert Redford, Frances Mayes, and Marisa something from CSI (Something).

Very rustic little restaurant which was completely packed. I didn't have a reservation but did my usual "just walk in like you own the place" routine and it actually worked. 

I ended up meeting a very cool family from Edmonton who were hysterical ( thus the outcome of my tipsiness). By the way, they also walked to Frances Mayes house with a bottle of wine and stopped on the way back to drink it. Lovely! I may see them again tomorrow night as I need to go back for ravioli al limone before leaving Cortona and they'll probably be there too.

So here's the plan. Tomorrow Firenze and then after checkout-who knows. I've decided to skip Rome. After all I live downtown, I don't want pollution, traffic etc... I'm in Tuscany for god's sake. I'll get into my little Fiat and go where the wind blows me for my final 3 days in Toscana... 


  1. Hi- after reading your previous post I really need to know what is in that ravioli (limone) - try to get the recipe off of them!

    1. I've been given a mission and I will do my utmost to fulfill it...

    2. Since I'm staying in cortona will work on this....