Saturday, May 18, 2013

Arrivederci Le Marche

Sssshhhh! There's a secret that the locals don't want stranieri to know. It's been a well guarded secret for over 30 years. Forget Tuscany and Umbria, if you still want to buy property in Italy at an affordable price this is it. Not only is this place as beautiful as Tuscany but still remains to be authentic Italian. There are a few British that have discovered Le Marche but this is what Tuscany was like  before being invaded by rich people looking to restore farmhouses.

I've seen old dilapidated farmhouses all across the countryside just waiting for a new owner. What I find the most charming is that Italians still work the land as they did 100 years ago. Everyone seems to have chickens and  a few goats.  And as I've discovered the hard way, almost no one speaks English-why the hell should they! It's up to you to learn to at least speak a few Italian words.

This afternoon after Ascoli I decided to go to the beach. After all I feel like an honorary Italian and that's just what Italians do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Thank god I left the farm- I would have never been able to do everything I did this past week.

I'll miss this place-opening my windows and hearing birds (and a few roosters) and looking out at the beautiful countryside, watching the farmer across the road planting and working his small plot of land...

If anyone out there is looking for an amazing place to stay at an affordable price this is it! There's actually a cottage on the property and communanza is right down the road. On top of everything they have an amazing restaurant that serves the best pizza I have ever had.... And the owners are so sweet and accommodating-just make sure you know basic Italian before you come!

So tomorrow Cortona.....  


  1. Wow! You have been busy. I'm looking forward to more.

  2. It's so interesting all your stories, it' s like reading a book. Nice pictures. Dan;)

  3. Merck mon ami, glad to know you've been following along....

    1. Merci (this stupid predictive text into phone)