Sunday, May 12, 2013

One more night

Not that I'm looking for excuses or anything but we had a few adventures today which is forcing me to stay in Maori one more night. Here's the story! Sue and I decided to have lunch in Positano even though we were there last night, I insisted that she had to see it in broad daylight. (Okay who are we kidding, I wanted to go back).

It was perfect as a member of our little party actually stayed in Positano and we were to pick her up! As much as I brag about being the expert Italian driver we got completely lost and almost ended up in Sorrento. We basically drove up and down that  Amalfi coast for 2 hours desperately looking for that crazy Positano sign.  Now let's be honest, driving up and down the Amalfi coast is not so terrible, but there was no time for me to drive back to le Marche today. I would be arriving too late and the idea of driving on country roads at night is a little scary (says the person who was squeezing her butt cheeks together trying to make the car smaller on a few tight Amalfi corners today).

Few more pictures from today


  1. Bertskie! I'm loving this. It is so beautiful and your descriptions are priceless.

  2. It is gonna be a bitch putting on heels again!!!!