Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 2

Sitting here at the bar in communanza waiting for another guest from the states. Actually I'm at the bar having prosecco while my hosts stand outside in the rain waiting for her :)

This morning we went to visit a beautiful church where a young girl saw the Virgin Mary appear. This church is very famous and there's actually a small room at the back where people pin pictures of loved ones that they are praying for. Very beautiful small church. More painting today along with some pretty heavy duty thunderstorms.

I feel silly for going to the hairdresser before leaving as my head is now a frizzy, paint splattered mess. But I'm definitely going to the amalfi coast this Saturday and I can't wait. Everyone needs to experience driving that winding amalfi highway at least once in their life. This will be my 2nd time so I'm an old pro. That's it for today, kind of hoping for sun soon.

minor salami obsession

the church that we visited

outside the church

Various scenes around the farm

the ancient town gates of \Communanza

The weirdest but most delicious tomotoes ever

Surrounding country side

outside the church there is a statue of the girl praying to the virgin

Walter in trouble again?

Beautiful Holly

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