Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tuscan style of decorating

For home decorating enthusiasts only!!!!

Anyone else will be bored! I've been too tempted to snap photos of the owners house when they're not looking.. The owner is married by the way and his wife is really sweet and funny. She insists on speaking to me in Italian even though I keep repeating "non parla Italiano".  But in some weird way I'm actually beginning to understand her.

I'm realizing that I'm slowly becoming Italian. I found my way back to the house yesterday without GPS, already got my hair done at the local salon, went shopping at the tacky Italian boutique in town (why are there studs on everything?),and I've been having my daily siestas-which is something I never do back home. Something in the air makes me really sleepy around 5:30 and I just need to take that 2 hour nap. After all respectable Italians only eat at 9 anyway. 

I've made my plans for the rest of my trip. I'll stay here until Sunday and drive over to Cortona for 3 nights. I love It there and was always mad at myself for never visiting the Etruscan museum and I'm dying for a plate of lemon ravioli (you gotta trust me on that one). Who knows I might even bump into Frances Mayes. So today I'm off to Ascoli, the weather is miserable so it's perfect for visiting museums and churches.


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