Sunday, May 19, 2013


I'm in serious danger of major over eating. That plate of ravioli at lunch was amazing but I over did it with the gelato. Tonight I went for a walk (casually looking for Frances Mayes house) but never found it. Then went to a casual place for tapas and thought I would die. My poor stomach can't handle all this ecstasy. I need to come up with a plan and it's called serious calorie burning starting tomorrow. I mean hello, look where I am! In all the times I've been here I never made it to the top of Cortona so tomorrow morning I'm slapping on those running shoes and getting some well deserved exercise. Then I figure I can eat my heart out and not feel so guilty.

As far as seeing Bramasole, I've loved Frances Mayes for years, I have all her books and she's the reason I developed such a love for Italy. As corny as it is I really want to see her house (although I'm too embarrassed to actually ask anyone for directions).

I mean after all, I'm cool enough to eat in an all Italian restaurant where regular tourists are too intimidated to even enter, surely looking for an authors house would be below me right? Wrong! I'm determined to find it......

Wish me luck in this important mission!!!

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