Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby geese

I realized after reviewing all my posts since being here that it seems like quite a  glamorous little holiday that I've been on because I haven't really been talking about all the hard work we've been doing.  Farm life is no picnic and in order to have time off in the afternoon staring at horses we need to put in our time. Not only is it a working farm but the house needs alot of work.

Every morning Jodie or Kevin go down to feed and let out the animals (chickens, goats, geese and ducks).  I've been afraid to help out as a few of the animals are a little hostile and since I'm definitely no dog whisperer with my own dog, I could hardly think I would have any influence over a goat. Basically other than painting we've been helping to clean up the house in preparation for guests and cleaning out the downstairs cow barn in preparation for the geese that have begun hatching. Baby geese!!!  When I arrived there was a strange looking plastic box on the kitchen counter with odd looking timers and gadgets on it.  Inside were about 10-12 goose eggs that have been incubating for 29 days and they've begun hatching today. This is quite exciting as I never thought I would see this first hand in my life time. Very cool!  Can't wait to actually see the chicks tomorrow.

Update: yesterday afternoon the eggs began hatching and we could hear them chirping inside the eggs.  Last night as we were drinking a little too much wine  while celebrating Kevin's birthday a few ducklings hatched also if anyone had trouble posting comments I fixed my settings so would love to hear from you:)