Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Small change of plans! I was supposed to go to Florence but changed my mind at the last minute (the car drove itself here)...

Actually I wanted to drive through Montepulciano to see if I can find a cute, affordable agriturismo on my way back to Cortona.

So as I've been doing these past few weeks (my favorite thing to do) sitting in a piazza. Not just any piazza- piazza Del Campo, one of the most famous in Italy. Where the famous Palio takes place every summer-if you look carefully at the ground you can still see grains of sand in between the granite slabs. 

It's cloudy and quite chilly so a perfect day for visiting some churches that I didn't have time to see last time I was here. The piazza is already filling up with tourists so time to gulp down that cappuccino and start moving!

How on earth will I ever find my car? This place is a maze of alleyways..... 


  1. Love this place. Was there last summer! You make me want to go back sooner!

  2. Hey just do it! Life's too short .....