Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ravioli al limone

So much more important than the museum. My close friends know how passionate I am about food (unfortunately) especially since I quit smoking a few years ago. This is my 4th time in Cortona and it's absolutely obligatory to go to Trattoria Toscana and have ravioli al limone.

Most of the tourists hang out in the usual places but not me. I know exactly where to go and it's up the hill and around the corner and feels like home. A place that feels so familiar even though I'm here about every 5 years. 

The tourists peak through the window as they're not sure but those of us in the know walk in like we own the place.

Third Julia moment -ordering my entire lunch in Italian.... The waiter smiles because he can tell from my accent that I'm not really Italian but I've impressed him. He smiles as he says "va bene".

Per favore, crostini mista, ravioli al limone e bicchiere vino rosso della casa. Grazie.

Then I wait and re-enact the scene from "when Harry met Sally" (only not as loud) and I savour every single bite, slowly, while inwardly moaning and rolling my eyes to the back of my head. How can something taste this good.....

Did I mention the major diet I'm on when I'm home???


  1. Had the ravioli al limone! To die for. Actually bought the pasta and rice (a limone) to take home!

  2. You can buy it? From trattoria Toscana. ?

  3. I bought the limone rice in SORRENTO and the pasta in napes.