Monday, May 27, 2013

Italy withdrawal

I knew it would happen but not so quickly-that utter feeling of depression, the feeling at the pit of your stomach that tells you that you're not in Italy anymore.  This feeling oddly doesn't happen when you get off the plane.  You're too excited to see your friends, to walk into your beautiful, cozy home, to see your pets (did I mention how badly I missed Toby)?  Oddly enough there is much pleasure to be achieved by doing 3 weeks worth of laundry...... in hot water..............

I knew I would crash after a week or so but not on my 3rd day home. I've been torturing myself by checking the weather in Cortona (it's 20 degrees and partly cloudy). So here I sit at my computer paying bills and taking care of all the necessary errands that need to be done, washing my windows as they're filthy from all the pollution of downtown life! Trying to figure out how on earth to pay a parking ticket that I got in Siena when the website is extremely complicated and in ITALIAN!!!!

I miss the feeling of adventure, waking up in the morning and letting the wind blow me in any direction. Opening up my windows whether in Le Marche or in Cortona and smelling burning wood in the air, church bells ringing and various birds singing. Just a few days ago I was in my little Fiat driving through a dream landscape that was too beautiful to capture in pictures, so I didn't even try. Some things really do need to be seen only with the naked eye so I keep those pictures safely locked away!

Time to take a deep breath, go on a long hike with Toby so that I can attempt to work off the calories obtained by eating pasta everyday and enjoy this sun that has been hiding from me for a good 2 weeks. As the days go by I'll slowly begin to go back to normal and start to appreciate this beautiful city that I live in, especially now that summer is on the way.

Who knows, maybe I can start blogging about life in Montreal. Sometimes I feel like I'm always searching for something when it's already right under my nose and I'm too blind to see it! We'll see, until then "Eh, va bene"!


  1. Welcome home beautiful! ( Referring to some great hair shots) I can't wait to see you!
    Sure.... Keep blogging.... I am a west islander who doesn't get downtown often! Lol!