Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Al mare

What a tough life! I wake up in the morning wondering "what will I do today"' drive to the beach, Ascoli, or go to Tuscany for the day (okay I'm a show off). Today the beach won out since they're forecasting rain for the next 2 days. I drove up a small coastal road from San Benedetto Del Tronto to Pedaso.  Although San Benedetto was nice, with palm trees, beautiful beach and trendy restaurants, it was a bit too touristy. Stopped for a quick lunch and then visited the small town of Grottammare which was amazing. Here's what's funny though. I usually visit different towns and villages in the afternoon which means there are no people in sight. I literally felt like the lone survivor of a nuclear holocaust. Other than  an old man walking his dog not a soul was around. Kind of creepy but a beautiful little town with some remnants of ancient roman aqueducts. I definitely got a workout climbing those steep rocky hills.

Most important of all I got my hair done this morning. You have to understand that I've been walking around with a birds nest type of bun on my head for over a week. What a thrill to have bouncy, silky hair again.... Made my day. So sorry for the million pictures but I had a hard time choosing, the rest will be on Instagram. A domani......