Monday, May 13, 2013

Strange day

Although I had a fun and crazy day it didn't really end very well... On the highway back I almost hit a dog that was injured. It was awful, this poor dog was trying to get off the highway but was injured and couldn't move, all he could do was sit  there helplessly looking at oncoming traffic. I managed to avoid hitting him and pulled over. A few good Samaritans also pulled over including one girl who was amazing. She ran out  to the dog and managed to pull him to the shoulder of the road. He was bleeding and really scared. 

He had a tracking device around his neck so this was obviously not the first time he's run away. We stayed with him until the carabinieri showed up. Finally his owner also showed up. Turns out she lives in back of the highway and he managed to get off his leash. 

I ended up leaving as there was nothing left for me to do but I was badly shaken. He was a beautiful dog and no one wants to see a dog in pain.

I know that this is supposed to be a happy blog about Italy but the reality is that dogs are not treated very well in Italy and it really disturbs me. Since I've been here I've seen dogs running around the streets loose.  I don't understand this Italian mentality. In every town you see dogs crossing the street with no owner in sight. 

And why don't Italians neuter their dogs or cats? There were cats everywhere in Amalfi. Would this dog have tried to escape had he been neutered?

To top it all off Jodie and Kevin asked me to leave which is totally understandable. I was supposed to be back Sunday but only came back today due to my not realizing how far the amalfi coast really was from le marche. It also doesn't help that I was goofing off all day on my way back. 

They're a lovely couple but to be honest I wasn't cut out for farm life and couldn't see myself lasting there another week so I guess everything happens for a reason. I'll miss beautiful Holly and Meow Meow.

I found a room at an agriturismo and I plan to be drinking alot of wine as I want to forget the weird ending to this day..


  1. Lynnie... Well at least you made it to the Amalfie coast and back alive! So sad about the dog but at least there were some good people willing to help. Love reading about your adventures and admiring your pictures, it looks just beautiful... Will be interested to see what happens now that you have left the farm early. Keep us up to date and be safe... Joyce xxx

  2. Hi Lynn,
    It is almost midnight in Montreal and I can't stop reading your adventures. Really cool! Good luck. Can't wait for the days to come and to read.