Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dinner in Cortona

It's official! I really have morphed into an Italian. I've only been in Cortona for 4 days and I consider myself a local. I now only speak Italian and when I'm in the restaurant I look at stranieri as if to say "who are you and what are you doing in my restaurant"?

We all turn our heads, as I've now baptized myself as Cortonese and everyone else is below me!

Paolo now recognizes me! Ciao, buona sera! He proudly gives me a table. This is a man who rubs shoulders with celebrities, like Robert Redford for god's sake! But for this week I'll do. I've been baptized and I wear the crown proudly. 

I've been driving like a semi maniac since I've been here, even though I have an automatic car back home, here I drive that stick shift like nobody's business. Slow tourists on the road ahead of me aggravate me! "Mama Mia, come on" I scream.

I've gotten into the habit of eating at 9. Only losers eat before 9 and red wine has become a part of my daily diet. On the east coast of Italy prosecco is fine but here in Tuscany you're an idiot if you don't live on red wine. White wine is for sissies! 

How will I ever adjust to Canadian life again? These Italians know the formula!  Once you're a part of that group you can never go back! Eh! Va bene!