Thursday, May 23, 2013

Almost over

Can't believe how quickly it flew by. Going home will feel weird, in some way it went by quickly but also feels like I've spent a lifetime here. Doesn't really make sense unless you're in my shoes. So as my usual routine I sit in the piazza trying to remember every detail.

The kids playing soccer in piazza Signorelli, Italian men behind me screaming at each other, eventually some  locals decide to go home so you hear ciao, ciao, ciao, buona sera. Teatro Signorelli is quiet but will be busy later as "The Great Gatsby" is showing tonight.  I envy the locals as they bring their dogs everywhere- restaurants, boutiques and in bars. Toby would just terrorize everyone- I have a feeling though some time in Italy would straighten him out.  I'll also miss the smell of wood burning and the sound of church bells ringing throughout the day. 

In about a month this place will be invaded by tourists and the locals will go into hiding.  For now Cortona still belongs to them. 

Tomorrow is my last adventure with my little Fiat.  God is gracing me with a beautiful, sunny day. I'll wake up early and drive to Val D'Orcia, this part of Tuscany is in my opinion the most beautiful.  I will take as many pictures as possible and then end the day at Paulo's (trattoria Dardano) and indulge in my last plate of ecstasy. 

Ugh, this feeling sucks! When there's no longer a countdown of 10 days left, 5 days left's now 1 day left and I'm not going to want that day to end... 


  1. you picked the best time to go although the weather was not with you- I would say that Cortona also belongs to you!