Thursday, May 23, 2013


Another rainy,cold day here in Tuscany, but me and my little Fiat are not complaining.  I followed my nose and my stomach to a beautiful little restaurant near Piazza Grande. It's a cozy little restaurant with jazz playing in the background.  Any place that has jazz playing in the background will be a hit in my books.

I'm actually kind of jealous of the owner. This is my dream restaurant that I want to open one day when I win the lottery. 

One little side note: I'm embarrassed to admit that I excitedly took pictures in the piazza where twilight was filmed- me and a few giddy teenagers.....


  1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to relive some beautiful moments in Italy...Can't wait to hear more about your adventures and especially on some of the details.Chantal

  2. How will you leave all that amazing food behind??!!!!-Joyce

  3. I agree with Chantal. Had lunch with the girls yesterday and Maia told me your blog address so woke up this morning and read all your adventures in one sitting! ( with coffee wine) enjoyed every moment. Like I was watching a movie! Good for you girl. Can't wait to hear more. Travel safe and enjoy.

    1. Thank you everyone. I kind of have a pain in the pit of my stomach about leaving this amazing place but if I continue eating like this I will be 400 lbs in a month.