Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Santa Lucia

Yesterday Damaris and I drove into town to visit the WiFi bar in Communanza. (Damaris is american and arrived a few days ago). After going to the grocery store and buying a massive jug of wine for 8 euros (gotta love these italians), we decided to drive around and investigate neighboring towns.  We went to Santa Lucia which is up the mountain from Localita Baldoni .

So imagine the scenario.  Driving up a winding road with a tiny glimpse of the mountain range every now and then.  Then suddenly we see 2 horses and a colt running around in a field right in front of us. Scenario 1:  2 women in a car screeching 'Oh my God'.  Of course we pulled over and stood there staring at these beautiful horses grazing with the Monte Sibillini mountains in the background.  Once in a lifetime memory that will last forever....

As you can imagine Santa Lucia is a small sleepy town that rarely gets invaded by tourists, so scenario 2:  2 tourists walking around town taking pictures of trees and people's back yards. Thus causing local residents to stare at us like we're aliens.

After taking a million pictures we decided to venture further down a dirt road slowly questioning 'where the heck are we going' thus scenario 3: the driver in question freaking out because she's on a  steep hill in a car that has a stick shift and she needs to back up, turn around and get back up the hill. Scenario 4: 2 girls screeching and driver in question sweating profusely while holding up the hand break and spinning the tires.

All was well and we arrived back safely (thank god) but I can't get those beautiful horses out of my mind....

Another highlight of my day, Meow Meow has finally accepted me and snuggled on my lap.  This is huge since he's been playing hard to get since I arrived.....

Looking forward to the goose eggs hatching tomorrow (trust me)!


Beautiful abandoned house in Santa Lucia

My little Fiat


  1. what were the Dexter gloves used for?

  2. My firts comment!!!!!! Actually those Dexter gloves are coming in real handy! I've been using them for all kinds of gross things that I'll share in further detail when I see you:)

  3. I have a funny feeling you will come back and say; "I did something crazy! I bought the old abandoned house!!!

  4. I wish!!!! If only I had the $$$$